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This site is bridging of a sightseeing bus company with you.
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price decision

The bus charge is calculated by adding up of time and the distance. The upper limit of the fare and a minimum are set by a transit bureau as the bus charge, and the charge presentation in its reach is required. Therefore it's abnormally inexpensive or it isn't possible to show the high charge to a customer. The charge fluctuates substantially by a season and a day of the week for a sightseeing bus in particular, so I'll make an estimate first and I recommend to commission.

・bus fare・ fuel expenses・driver service
cash delivery
・ Entrance fee, parking fee and toll fee
・driver's hotel charge 

additional fees

Pick-up fee
this is the fee for the bus having to drive without passengers to pick you up


【Early bird and late‐night rate】

From 22:00 to 5:00 needs additional fees

【The cases need 2 drivers.】

continuous drive over 9hours or When the mileage exceeds 500 km(in night 400km).

When it can't be arranged

Estimate & reservation